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Ordering documents

Principles of distribution

Principles for handling documents

Documents (hereafter referred to as information) of NATO, the EU and other contracting parties (other entities of a foreign power, hereafter referred to as "OEFP") are the property of these states and organizations. These materials are not subject to national disclosure laws. Information is provided to natural and legal persons (including state bodies and organizations, hereinafter referred to as "entities") in the latest version that is available at the Office at the time of receipt of the request. In principle, documents are provided in one of the negotiating languages. If a Czech translation is provided at the same time, it serves as an auxiliary document, which may not be completely identical to the original. By accepting this information, including its translations, the entity assumes responsibility for compliance with the following principles:

1) Without the knowledge of the provider, he may not carry out or allow the dissemination of the given information.

2) Without the knowledge of the provider, he must not provide this information to a third party.

3) The subject is obliged to allow the provider to check the handling of the mentioned material on request, or to return this material at the request of the provider.

4) In case of termination of activity or dissolution of the authorized entity, the information must be returned to the provider.

Depending on the classification, the following general principles apply to these documents:

A) NATO documents marked as unclassified without an attribute (UNCLASSIFIED). These documents may not be provided or viewed by entities that are not a legal entity or a natural person of the Czech Republic or another NATO member state.

B) NATO documents marked as unclassified with the attribute (UNCLASSIFIED – Releasable to Partners for Peace-PfP and others). These documents can be provided or viewed by entities listed in point A and entities that are a legal entity or a natural person of the PfP program participant state or other country for which the document was released.

C) Classified NATO documents are marked with the individual levels of secrecy NATO RESTRICTED, CONFIDENTIAL or SECRET.

These documents may be provided and viewed in the Czech Republic only by entities that meet the conditions of Act No. 412/2005 Coll., on the Protection of Classified Information and on Security Clearance.

Ownership rights

Information about proprietary rights to intellectual property is inserted directly into a standardization agreement or allied publication, only when the technical information provided by an individual country is subject to proprietary rights restrictions. NATO, the EU and individual member states are not responsible for possible infringements of copyrights, trademarks, etc., which are the content of the information provided. Each user bears full responsibility for compliance with applicable laws.

Instructions for requesting information

Entities requesting the provision of unclassified information of NATO, the EU and other contracting parties, i.e. the documents listed in points A), B), must send a request for the provision of unclassified information to the Office. In the request, it must be justified how the requested information is related to the object of the organization's activity. In the event that the entity's activity is not related to the requested information and the "need to know" condition is not met for the performance of its activity, the material will not be provided to the applicant by the Authority.


The entity sends the request for processing via the xz7aier data box to the Defence Standardisation, Codification and Government Quality Assurance Authority or to the e-mail: defstand@army.cz.

Entities requesting the provision of classified NATO, EU and OEFP information, i.e. the provision of documents listed in point C), address their request to the Ministry of Defence, Department of Security, náměstí Svobody 471/4, 160 01 Prague 6.